Care Co-ordinator

Supporting people and healthcare professionals to co-ordinate care

There’s no universal definition for care coordinators or navigators, but it’s likely that you’ll take an active role in helping people to remain in their own homes and get the support they need. You may be responsible for coordinating a person’s care across all areas of health and social care as well as housing and employment support, and provide an individualised support, information and signposting service

You will be working with people with a range of needs, dealing with issues such as social isolation and preventing unnecessary admission to hospital or a care home. 


The Care Co-ordinator role may involve:

Co-ordinating care from across different services

Assisting individuals to access support 

Arranging equipment or assistive technology

Developing and maintaining links with local services, and community groups

Reflecting on and evaluating experiences of individuals

Skills Needed

  • Planning and organisational skills
  • Good team working skills
  • Digital skills, especially using a computer and assistive technology

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