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Care Assistant

Fiona needed work that was both flexible and local. Her partner worked shifts, so Fiona asked herself, ‘what job could offer me a career and flexible working?’ She thought about the local businesses close to where she lived and decided to apply to OSJCT Larkrise Care Centre for part-time work as a Care Assistant.



Support Worker

The whole aspect of my job is meeting new people, learning about how people think and work, sometimes I have to think outside the box, it’s a continuous learning experience. Yes! It’s fun! Yes! It’s challenging at times. Yes! Its certainly life changing yet so very rewarding!




I always knew that I wanted to work in Social care because I enjoy talking to elderly people and want to make them feel safe and well looked after. The most useful thing to me was my work experience which was at a care centre for elderly and vulnerable adults.  I also worked with disabled adults in their home environment.

Jobs in Adult Social Care

Rewarding and varied Job Roles

If you like working with people, adult social care offers a varied number of rewarding job roles, with secure long-term career prospects. 

Working in adult social care is not just an emotionally rewarding role, it’s one of the most varied too. Working with a range of people with different care needs means that no two days are ever the same.

There are many career options, you could start as a care assistant and progress to be a registered manager or start your own care business. You don’t necessarily need qualifications to get started, as most social care qualifications can be done once you start your role. When you start you should get a thorough induction involving shadowing more experienced workers while you build your confidence.

What’s important are your core skills, your values and an innate kindness towards working with people who need care. Your own life experiences, such as looking after a loved one, are very valuable to the care sector.

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Business Support Careers

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Operations Manager
Area Manager
Receptionist / Administrator
Recruitment Manager
Recruitment Co-ordinator
Marketing and Events Officer
Assistant Chefs
Cook/Kitchen Assistants
Domestic Workers
Transport Manager/Drivers
Maintenance staff
Security staff

Regulated Staff

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Reablement Officer
Reablement Assistant
Registered Nurse
Nursing Associate
Nurse Cadet
Social Worker
Occupational Therapist
Complementary Therapist

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