Money and Debt

26% of UK employees are worrying about money on an ongoing basis


Money worries are very real, and it is normal to feel anxious or down when times are hard. Redundancy, financial problems and debt can cause emotional distress. But there are lots of things you can do to help yourself if you’re in a difficult situation.

Managing your debt

Money Helper
  • Advice on debt
  • How to speak to the people you owe money to
  • Tips to help you pay back your debts in the right order
  • Guides to explain the different ways you can pay off your debts
  • Journey towards being debt-free
National Debtline
  • Digital tool to help with debt
  • Free advice
  • Freephone
  • Webchat an adviser
  • Coronavirus information and advice
Citizens Advice
  • Free advice
  • Mortgage and banking
  • Information on borrowing money
  • Support making payments
  • Legal Advice
  • Cost of living support

Managing your money

Benefits Calculator

Millions of people are missing out on thousands of pounds. Check what you are entitled to now.


Savings Calculator

Looking to save? Sometimes it can be difficult to know how long it’ll take to save. Use the calculator to work out what you could save.


Pensions Calculator

Need help working out your retirement savings? Use the pensions calculator to work out what you need in retirement, and how much you can save.

Budget Planner

Work out the comings and goings, and what you’re spending your money on.