Three photos of BelleVie staff and clients

"BelleVie is what care should be. everything is genuinely person-centred, whether that’s for the people we support, their families or us wellbeing support workers. It’s a really supportive environment to work in and everyone is encouraged to be the best they can be."

– Kelly, Wellbeing Support Worker

At BelleVie we pride ourselves on being different from other organisations

BelleVie team and client outing

We provide home care with a difference

We don’t just provide personal care.

We provide wellbeing support as a whole to help local communities thrive at home and encourage our people to bring their own interests to work every day.


We pay for more than just visits

We’re an Accredited Living Wage Employer that unlike other care companies, we pay an annual salary that covers gaps between visits, travel time, team meetings and training, plus a mileage allowance of 45p/mile.

BelleVie Team

We empower our people

Our teams are self-managed and trusted to make their own decisions that benefit the people we support.

We are changing the way home care is delivered so that people can thrive and live their best lives at home.

‘’Getting paid monthly rather than by the hour is a real benefit compared to other jobs in the industry. I can plan my expenses and I know I will have an income each month, no matter how many hours I do.’’

– Lucy, Wellbeing Support Worker

Why work for BelleVie?

shaking hands

We don’t believe in traditional managerial hierarchies. Our Wellbeing Support Workers manage themselves and are trusted to make their own decisions.

hands exchanging money

We pay a guaranteed monthly wage. Even if a visit is cancelled, our Wellbeing Support Workers still get paid.

heart in hands

We hire based on values rather than experience. We want to give everyone the chance to make a difference no matter what their background is.

‘’Working for BelleVie is a great opportunity to give back to others and make a difference in life. I love this company because it's flexible, compassionate and doesn't feel like your average job. there are endless opportunities for growth.’’

– Pheobe, Wellbeing Support Worker
Three photos of older people supported by BelleVie