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Employer Support

Are you an Oxfordshire care provider?


OACP is a membership organisation for all providers of adult social care in Oxfordshire.

Are you a member of Oxfordshire Association of Care Providers? OACP offer advice and support and a wide range of services to support you. 

The Oxfordshire People Plan offers resources and links to support successful recruitment, retention of staff and support to the workforce.

Top Tips

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Top tips for writing a great job advert

10 Top Tips
  1. Ask a question e.g. “Are you looking for a rewarding career?”
  2. Use friendly language, you want to invite the candidate to respond to you
  3. Include job rates of pay
  4. Use a clear job title to improve searchability
  5. Include the location of the role
  6. Share a brief overview of the company, why should they work for you? What makes your organisation so desirable?
  7. If specific skills or qualifications are needed, include these in the advert
  8. What are the working hours? Paid holiday? Flexible working?
  9. Include a closing date for applications
  10. Include contact information
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How to support your employees

5 Top Tips
  1. Offer health and wellbeing support
  2. Provide ongoing education, training, development and career opportunities
  3. Promote flexible working
  4. Encourage holiday and allow personal time
  5. Offer benefits – this could be retirement, overtime, recommend a friend, financial bonus’
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How to find the best person for the role?

3 Top Tips
  1. Ask current employees if they have any friends they could recommend – this organic way of job searching can provide well suited candidates, and the personal experience and connection can encourage them to apply for a role.
  2. If the role you are recruiting for is working with people, make sure the candidate can call you on the phone, face to face, or on a video chat.
  3. Use situational questions in a job interview. Instead of “what are your weaknesses” why not ask “You are booked to visit Evelyn at 2.30pm but your last appointment ran over, what do you do?” that way you can see how they can manage a real life situation, relevant to the role.

Overseas Recruitment


Find out more about recruiting care workers from overseas. We have collated together useful information and signposted to the relevant organisations and websites that can help support you as you apply for sponsorship.