The Oxfordshire Apprenticeship Grant Scheme

OxLEP Business

OxLEP have created the Oxfordshire Apprenticeship Grant scheme, to help remove barriers for residents to take up an Apprenticeship.

The Apprenticeship Grant is being offered to employers to apply for on behalf of an Apprentice who might be experiencing barriers to either starting or completing their Apprenticeship.

Grants available are up to £1,500 in normal circumstances (up to £3,000 for exceptional circumstances). Please note that we are only accepting grant applications directly from employers on behalf of their Apprentice.  

The Oxfordshire Apprenticeship Grant can be spent on


• Internet provision
• H&S equipment
• Specialist occupational equipment
• A laptop computer


• Travel permits
• Purchase of a bike
• Provisional driving licence, driving lessons and driving test fees


• Disability Adaptations
• Ofsted registered childcare
• Certificates and qualifications
• English language lessons for non-native speakers


• Counselling and mentoring for mental wellbeing

The Oxfordshire Apprenticeship Grant cannot be spent on

Supporting salary costs of the Apprentice

Statutory H&S equipment or requirements

Apprenticeship Course Main Training

Statutory Apprenticeship Mentor salary

The grant scheme will open for applications from eligible businesses, through an online application process, from the 10th August 2022. Applications are encouraged before the first assessment deadline of 30th September 2022. The grants will be awarded based on a first come first served basis and all eligible grant applications will be approved. From 1st the scheme will remain open for applications, but will close when funds are fully committed.

Applications will be reviewed for eligibility in line with the process set out in the Guidance Notes and we aim to complete this and notify applicants of grant award decisions by the 21st October 2022