Activity Co-ordinator

Organise activities and sessions for people in residential settings, and in the community

You’ll design and oversee social activities for people who need care and support, or assist them to develop their own. You’ll also be responsible for creating individual activity plans for people. 

Although the role is predominantly based in residential settings, you could also work in an individual’s home or out in the wider community. 

As an activity coordinator you will be talking with people about the types of activities they would like to do. You will then develop and provide activities based on the needs and abilities of those taking part.

It is all about finding the balance between arranging activities that individuals would like to do, and introducing them to new experiences.

An Activity Co-ordinator role may involve:

Booking activities

Organising groups

Arranging equipment or assistive technology

Developing and maintaining links with local services, and community groups

Reflecting on and evaluating experiences of individuals

Skills Needed

    • The ability to motivate others
    • Good organisational skills
    • Time management and the ability to schedule and plan ahead
    • Digital skills to research and book activities online

You could move into a more senior activity role and take on additional responsibilities such as mentoring and supporting other staff.

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